Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If you like me, then you keep a on going lists of things you want do, need to do, wish to do... well it could go on and on. Well I am tried of making lists and not doing anything about some of my ideas.  As I said before on some of my previous posts I have really started to get into couponing.  I have to admit that before I started watching that addicting show on TLC, Extreme Couponing, I had never clipped a coupon before.  Little did I know that I would actually enjoy it as a hobby and come to find out save a TON of money, yes I said a TON of money.  So.... I started to think about all the things I could do with this newly discovered talent of mine, and I thought why not put it to good use.

I have always  wanted to give back and help others, so I thought way not combine couponing for items and donate them to a few local charities!  So with this being said I have choosen three different categories to start gathering items for.  Here is what I have so far... 

Charity #1 Woman's Batter Center
Includes (2) tubes of Advil, (2) hand soaps, (4) Kotex panty Liners, (2) boxes of Tampons, (2) Pantene shampoos, (2) bottles of lotions, (4) hand sanitizers, (1) tooth brush, and (6) pack of razors.

Charity # 2, Animal Shelter
Includes (4) bags of beggin strips, (16) cans of Iams cat food, (2) cans of Purnia dog food, and (2) bags of Nylabones.

Charity #3, Elementary School
I heard a story that broke my heart!  There is a low income school where half the children that attend this school live in poverty.  The teachers are packing food in the children's back packs so that they will have food to eat when they go home.  No kid should experience that EVER!  So this is one of my favorite charities to collect for.  So far this includes (24) packs of crayons, (2) markers, (2) scotch tapes, (4) packs of glue sticks, (24) rulers, (12) packs of pens, (2) packs of Sharpies, (2) packs of erasers, (6) protractors, (5) pencil pouches, and (10) folders.

As you can see from all of this I really do have a way to go but I think I have done pretty well, considering this has only been my first week.  I think the best thing will to see there faces when I give them all this stuff.  Stayed tuned to see how much more will be added!

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