Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am going to tell you a story about me when I was little.  Looking back now I think it is quite silly and it always makes me laugh.  When I was younger I hated having freckles.  I didn't understand why I had them and why I had to have them.  All the other girls didn't have freckles, and there were times where I would cry wishing that they would go away.  They especially stood out during the summer time, when I would get kissed by the sun.  

I used to think there was a cream that would help me get rid of my freckles.  No matter how hard I would scrub my face they were still there.  Yes... this is all true!  I told you, you would laugh.  Looking back now I see that I was being ridiculous, and I like my freckles.  Not everyone has them.  I think they add to my crazy personality, and even make me look a little more mischievous.  I am sure as I start to get older, I will be even more thankful that I have them... they may help me look even younger, only time will tell.

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