Wednesday, April 6, 2011

As many of you may know I have been trying to redo my back yard.  Ever since I adopted my 70 pound puppy, Roxy the back yard was completely torn apart by deep holes and chewed up toys.  I love to host gatherings and enjoy the outdoors, and with spring here, I thought it would be perfect to gain back control of the yard.  The BF and I planted some grass last fall and boy has it grown, and now that the back yard patio/trellis is up, I am one happy girl!  I just love it when all my ideas just come together.  I came up with this really great idea for inexpensive lighting for trellis.  I found some glass bulbs that in the shape of light bulbs and I took the solar light out of the $1 lights from Walmart and will have them hanging at different lengths.  I can already tell this will be my new spot this summer!  Below is the image I found for the light effect that I am going for.  Stay tuned for the real deal... wink wink!

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