Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hang in there... it's almost FRIDAY!  Just one more day.  Hope that the sun is shining where you are but I do not wish the heat that is beaming down on me today where you are.  Boy has it been a hot one.  I am counting down the hours till I will be sitting on the beach with a nice mojito in my hand, kicking back and enjoying the sun.  I am having a girls weekend at the beach, and I can not tell you how excited I am.  Now all I have left to do is pack up, work more 1 more day at the job, and then roll out.  Let's see what are the things I will need:
1. Beach Chair
2. Cooler
3. Sun Screen
4. Bathing Suit
5. FUN

Yup, I think I covered it all!  Stay tuned....

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