Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I am a little behind on the "spring" cleaning and really need to get it together.  It is starting to get warmer, and it is time for me to put up all the winter items and get my place all nice and tidy!  I really need to take some time and do a little re-organization.  Every where I look I find these little nick knacks.  I really need a place to store them!


  1. Do you know where to get those super cute cube organizers?! I found it on pinterest and I would REALLY like to get em!
    Thanks! :) Ps. I am now a "follower".

  2. I am friends with and she is so sweet and creative. Would you mind giving her credit? She made these and that photo was taken in her bathroom. :)

  3. :) whoops


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